The effect of drugs on your brain [VIDEO]

The Big Question:

Why are some drugs illegal and some aren’t? What makes them so bad? Why does it matter if it’s prescribed or not? Okay, yes, that’s three questions, but the answers are many:

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Ender’s Game Book and Movie Review (VIDEO)

Ashley and Brittany went to the midnight showing of Ender’s Game and read the book for last month’s movie and book clubs! See their reviews below, then be sure to join us for November’s clubs!

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The History of Hip Hop (VIDEO)

Hip hop as a musical genre got its start in the 1970s in the Bronx when DJs would take popular breaks in songs, isolate those beats, and make them longer for the audiences. Hip hop began as a sort of “voice” for the disenfranchised youth in the poorer New York City neighborhoods. Check out our cool timeline of the evolution of Hip Hop:

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Pride & Prejudice & Zombies – #HGBookClub

Every month, we at HGU have decided to read a book and break our “under 5 minutes” rule to discuss it. The book for August was Pride & Prejudice & Zombies–see the original video here.

Well, we read it. Sort of. Brittany got the farthest, reading a little past halfway. The general consensus of the book was “if you have something better to do, do that instead. If you’re bored with nothing better to do, read the book.”

It was definitely entertaining, in a very grim sort of way. Did you end up reading the book, or have you read it before? If you’ve even finished it, you got way farther than we did.

Join us next month for our September Book Club read: Remains of the Day <<— That’s a link to page for the book.

You have to read it by September 30th (plenty of time, right?) and send us your review by then! We’ll be posting our video that day. Join the conversation! We want to hear from you guys!

Featured Image: Roslyn

Who was Walt Whitman? (VIDEO)

The famous poet Walt Whitman has been brought into the public eye even more with the recent shout-outs from TV series Breaking Bad. Learn a little more about this guy beyond “Leaves of Grass” with our short video on his life & legacy below:

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Bloopers I & Behind the Scenes (VIDEO)

Having all this fun is hard! Check out the Behind The Scenes: Bloopers FIRST EDITION and keep reading for more on how we make the videos here at Honors Grad U:

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