You’re Saying It Wrong – Words & Phrases (VIDEO)

It seems pretty straight forward that most people would like to appear intelligent. A great way to not appear intelligent is to mispronounce words, phrases and cliches. You might be extremely smart–even a book worm, but could you be doing it wrong? Keep reading to see our collection of words & phrases you might be saying incorrectly:

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History of Book Clubs (VIDEO)

People have been getting together to discuss texts in newspapers, books, and letters since the invention of the printing press. Dennis Adams over at the Beaufort County Library website wrote a brief article on the history of book clubs, mentioning “literary salons of Paris,” which were social gatherings of the higher class (writers, politicians, artists) that were done regularly in a private place of residence.¬†In some of these gatherings, the hostesses were authors themselves.¬†Coffee house settings were also popular, although slightly less formal, and more common among the men. Keep reading to see how Book Clubs have shaped our literary society:

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How to be smarter, keep learning & change the world

Being a person of depth is a quality that we should all strive for. Why? Because people who are deeper than surface level are more attractive, interesting, powerful, and better contributing citizens. Why would you want to be like that? Why wouldn’t you? The more you know about the world, the more doors you open for yourself. Most would probably agree that the less you know, the more you’re limited. Below is a list of suggestions to help you move away from shallow and towards depth:

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