Our YouTube Launch!

Well, would you look at that! Honors Grad U is branching out, and we’ve decided the first way to do it is by launching our own mini-YouTube series where we take subjects taught in schools (or that should be taught in school) and in less than 5 minutes, share what we’ve learned about the topics with you!

We’re very excited about this launch and we hope to have many more videos for much more time to come.

Since this is our Launch Day, we’ve decided to have a mini-launch party! Depending on how many subscribers we get this month will determine what cool things we decide to do! So do us a favor, share the video, subscribe to the channel, and prepare to learn!

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Elementary teachers less than 25% male in US

According to an infographic made by, male teachers make up less than 25% of teachers in the U.S. & U.K., with a staggeringly low 17% in Canada. What are we missing by having a female-dominated field, and how do we help make teaching in elementary schools a more viable option for men? We discuss some ideas below: Continue reading Elementary teachers less than 25% male in US

Worst (or best) Senior Pranks

Depending on how you look at it, involving police and causing your prom to get cancelled could either be the signs of an epic or terrible senior prank. Below are the lists of Senior pranksters that decided to go big, or go home:

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5 Awesome Incentives for Classroom Behavior

As all teachers know, student misbehavior is disruptive to classroom settings and learning environments. A few ways to help students understand the importance of keeping control of themselves and their actions is to reward them when they work hard to achieve behavior goals. Below are a few ideas for helping students learn good behavior:

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The Importance of Arts In Schools

When schools are running out of money and need to cut funding, the first place they generally go is the Arts. The reason is probably because administrators generally see the practical applications of arts programs to be less useful than traditional topics, but what are the consequences of cutting arts programs?

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Being “Fair” To Students

“Not fair” is a cry most teachers and parents hear regularly. What is “fair,” do you even have to be fair–and if so, how can you be? Below are some suggestions on the concept of fairness:

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3 Reasons Why Learning Geography Is Important

American schools are notorious for not educating students properly on geography. Some seem to think this is because of  ethnocentric tendencies that come from being a world power. Below are some interesting ideas for why geography is so important, and how teachers can help educate their students on the world:

Increasing Worldviews: This is what opens doors for students to realize that there are unlimited options for the “right” ways to live your life. Learning about other cultures (and where they’re located) is a huge step in increasing tolerance of all different lifestyles. It shows the differences, which we all expect to see, but can also shed light on unchanging factions of human nature that we all share.

Creating Contributing Citizens: Knowing about geography, the resources located in each country, and the effect those have on the economy can educate students on the reasons for certain current events. Learning about the governments in each country can also contribute to growth in other areas involving world events.

It’s Impressive: Not that we should learn solely to impress others, but there is something to be said for a person who can talk about Azerbaijan and Andorra. Plus, if you ever want to work for the CIA or be the next Lara Croft or James Bond, knowing your geography is a must! Haven’t you ever noticed how all the really awesome adventure stars in movies randomly know all sorts of things about the most random places? Geography.


Featured Image: Deathtothestockphoto