Past Winners

The 2019 scholarship is currently underway, due April 28, 2019. View our recent Q&A webinar & our FAQs page for more info!

The scholarship was founded in the 2012-2013 school year as a way to show Honors Graduation’s support for our future leaders. Browse the archives to see previous winners.

2018 Design A Better Future Scholarship


Using the design thinking cycle, create a project designed to improve your community. 3 rounds included a proposal, artifact/prototype, and final reflection.

  • Bryan Banuelos (top awardee who will receive an additional $5,000 toward funding another iteration of his project
  • Austin Fitzgerald
  • William Rand
  • Alexis Showalter
  • Isaac Stone
  • Bryan will be attending University of Utah.
  • Austin will be attending University of Chicago.
  • William will be attending St. Olaf College.
  • Alexis will be attending Illinois State University.
  • Isaac will be attending Washington University in St. Louis.
Prize Amount

$10,000 each toward college tuition

Their Work

Bryan’s Warrior Dream Program:

Austin’s MindStrings violin tutoring program:

William’s OHBreathe wellness program:

Alexis’ CyberCitizens tech class business for seniors

Isaac’s Invisible Cane device to assist the blind to navigate surroundings

2017 Multimedia Scholarship

  • Represent your views about the concepts of education vs. learning.
  • Creative Writing: Chloe O’Donnell, accepted
  • Music: Caroline Guske, accepted
  • Video: Sunny Turner, accepted
  • Art: Joshua Hineman, accepted
  • Photography: Matthew Zarrelli, accepted
  1. Chloe will be attending Tisch School of Drama at New York University.
  2. Caroline will be attending the Berklee College of Music.
  3. Sunny will be attending Lynn University.
  4. Joshua will be attending Point Park University.
  5. Matthew will be attending the University of Central Florida.

$1,000 each toward college tuition


Chloe’s creative writing piece: “What a Creative Memoir”

Click here for the pdf

Caroline’s music piece: “Silenced by the Bell”

Click here for the lyrics

Sunny’s video: “Where Does the Good Go?”

Joshua’s art piece: “Outside of the Box”

Matthew’s photography piece: “Weight of the World”

2016 Multimedia Scholarship

  • Describe an experience of ownership over your learning and why it was meaningful.
  • What is your opinion on how education affects the quality of life?
  • Creative Writing: Rebekah Albach, accepted
  • Music: Collin Anderson, accepted
  • Video: Lucy Devin, accepted
  • Art: Jane Shallcross, accepted
  • Photography: Brooke Wright, accepted
  1. Rebekah will be attending Wellesley College
  2. Collin will be attending Brigham Young University
  3. Lucy will be attending the University of Colorado Boulder
  4. Jane will be attending Western Washington University
  5. Brooke will be attending Mesa Community College, Red Mountain Campus

$1,000 each toward college tuition


Rebekah’s creative writing piece: “Jipipapa”

Click here for the pdf

Collin’s music piece: “Bold”

Click here for the lyrics

Lucy’s video: “The Box”

Jane’s art piece: “Ripples”


Brooke’s photography piece: “Engulfed”

Brooke Wright- Submission

2015 Multimedia Scholarship


What does it mean to be a contributing member of society?

  • Art: Ashtyn Berry, accepted
  • Music: Blake Bogenrief, accepted
  • Video: Isiah Bowie, accepted
  • Creative Writing: Diamond Patrick, accepted
  • Photography: Moriah Yeh, accepted
  • Ashtyn Berry will be attending the University of Utah
  • Blake Bogenrief will be attending the University of Iowa
  • Isiah Bowie will be attending the University of Kansas
  • Diamond Patrick will be attending the University of St. Thomas
  • Moriah Yeh will be attending Northwestern University

$1,000 for each


Ashtyn’s art piece:


Blake’s music piece (lyrics here):

Isiah’s video:

Diamond’s creative writing piece:

Click here to view the pdf

Moriah’s Photos:

2014 Essay Scholarship

  1. What is an important issues your field is facing today and how will you contribute to changing it?
  2. How will your desired occupation influence society, whether at an individual or global standpoint?
  3. What motivates you and how will you apply that to your college education and beyond?
  1. Christine Lee, accepted
  2. Anderson Vereyken, accepted
  3. Jamie Lagman, accepted
  4. Tory Rose Full, accepted
  5. Nakoma Ehrhart, accepted
  1. Christine will be attending University of Southern California
  2. Anderson will be attending U. C. Irvine
  3. Jamie will be attending U. C. Davis
  4. Tory will be attending U. C. Berkeley
  5. Nakoma will be attending University of Kentucky
Prize Amount

$1,000 for each

Their essays
  1. Christine’s essay here
  2. Anderson’s essay here
  3. Jamie’s essay here
  4. Tory’s essay here
  5. Nakoma’s essay here

2013 Essay Scholarship


What experience in school, but outside the classroom, changed your life or helped you learn a valuable lesson?


Morgan Ruesch


University of Utah

Prize Amount


His essay

2013 Winner PDF

Where is he now?

“I am doing well and have had a successful year of school so far. I am incredibly grateful for the scholarship that I received from Honors Graduation. You say it is a fairly small scholarship in comparison to others, but in reality it has been a huge help for me. Last summer I worked hard to pay for this school year but still did not have enough to make it through the whole year. The scholarship I received from you gave me the money I needed to make it through this year debt free. It was enough to pay for both semesters of books and several class fees as well. That was a great help!

I am still attending Utah State University. My major is Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in aerospace. Currently, I am a sophomore and plan to graduate in May of 2016. This major is very demanding on a students time and having the help of this scholarship gave me the chance to focus more on my studies than on working. I wouldn’t be able to get nearly as good of grades if I was spending more time working.

Once again, I really appreciate the opportunity to receive this scholarship. It has been a great help in my education.”

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